箱は取っておく? (Do you keep the empty box?)

この記事のねらい/Goal of this article

To study if you should keep empty boxes of Plarail.

The empty box of Plarail product.
Don’t you keep it without reasons or hesitate to throw it away?
It could be Japanese particular “mottainai" culture.

It’s sudden, but we recommend you to take pictures of the empty box and throw it away.
(Unless you are seriously collecting Plarail.)

There are multiple reasons why you should throw away.

  1. かさばる (Takes up space)
    As the boxes of set product or scenery parts are not small and in variety of size, they just take up your storage space.
  2. 取っておいても結局使わない (Useless)
    Once you open the package and transfer the product to the other container, it will never go back to the empty box. Plarail is designed to stand rough use since it’s a toy. In case of moving, you don’t have to put the Plarail products in the original dedicated boxes at all.
    Someone may tell you “It can increase the value when Plarail will no longer be used." …by then, Plarail trains must be worn out as well. I would say it won’t worth occupying your storage space for several years. What’s further more important is the time kids play with Plarail until it’s worn out.
  3. パッケージにもすぐ捨てるよう書いてある (Instructed to do so)
    On any cardboard box or plastic bag of the Plarail product, it says “Please dispose of the packing materials immediately after opening."
    It seems a little bit too conservative, but it’s considered to be for safety.

Next is the reason why we suggest to take pictures before throwing away.

残しておきたい情報 (Product information you may want later)

Take picture of the front side and back side of the box.
There are two ways to use it.

  1. レイアウト例 (Examples of track layout)
    On the back side of the box, there are several examples of track layout made with the parts in the box.
    It would be useful for beginners.
    Gradually you will not refer to it, but you might as well take a picture.
    Cutting the examples out could be another option to preserve it.
  2. 修理を依頼するときの情報 (Information used for repair request)
    Although Plarail is robust, a trouble may happen especially on battery powered car.
    Takara TOMY accepts repair requests and according to the request form (Japanese only), following information is supposed to be provided.
    – Product name
    – Last 6 digits number at the bottom of barcodes
    – Approximate date of purchase
    – Name of retailer
    Just by taking a picture when you get the product, you will also be able to identify when you bought that.
    Of course, your repair request won’t be rejected with some information missing (based on my experience).
    Also note that car connecting parts and rubber tires are sold separately which are likely to be broken or worn out so that you can repair them yourself.
商品名「SC-07 ハローキティ新幹線」/Product name “SC-07 Hello Kitty Shinkansen"
バーコードの下6桁「619116」/Last 6 digits@barcodes “619116"
セット品にはレイアウト例がたくさん/Set product shows multiple examples of track layout.

That’s all to tell you should trash the boxes.

Would you like it?
You may feel “mottainai" but let’s throw the boxes away and enjoy playing with Plarail.